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Here's a question. What is the strength of head gasket? At what psi does the life and durability of the head gasket become shortened.

Given the car's compression ratio you multiply that by the boost with the 13.7 atmospheric pressure to get a rough guess of the cylinder pressure working against the head gasket. I know that this does not include additional presure from ignition, timing etc.

Just rough numbers but an idea.

Stock gti will hit around 14lbs of boost so that s roughly 263 psi of force. (13.7+14)x9.5
And a stage 2 gti can hit 21 lbs of boost so that is roughly 330 psi.

So, is there a know limit of pressure the headgasket can take? Not that I have seen or heard of a lot of headgasket failures, just curious.

If this is highjacking your engineering thread, or my math is wack, I apologize.
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