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Originally Posted by GTIwannagofast View Post
i did something like this with VAGCOM. full third gear pull and logged speed from 2000 to 6000 rpm back to 2000 rpm (just losses due drag/drivetrain), with the associated time stamp. with that info, i found the KE associated with accelerating through the rpm range, and the KE associated to decelerating. assuming that the engine is overcoming the same losses between the accel and decel. a couple curve fits and derivatives, subtract the one from the other, and poof... HP. my test did not work though because i need a completely flat road. in my test, i was accel down a slight hill, and my HP calc ended up being 277 HP... i wish.
lol But at least you're on the right track! I'm gonna give it a shot when VAGCOM comes in on Friday. Hopefully I'll have 100 logs or so this weekend with my new toy!
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