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VCDS Modifications
If you have any requests to show instructions to do a particular tweak, let me know and I can do one similar to the ones below.

Convenience Settings

MFA Menus
Horn Confirmation when Locking MFA Menu
Mirror Adjust MFA Menu
Coming/Leaving Home MFA Menu

Comfort Settings
Comfort Closing/Opening via Remote Control
Comfort Turning Signal
Steering Wheel Push-To-Talk Button
Driver Seat Heating Memory Retention

Wiper Settings
Automatic Rear Window Wiping with Reverse Gear Disabled
Tear Drop Wiping for Front Window
Tear Drop Wiping for Rear Window
Disable Rear Wiper

Navigation/Radio Settings
Navigation Input Speed Threshold
Changing Themes on RNS-510

Lighting Settings

Fog Lights Settings
Fogs as DRLs for Xenon-equipped Vehicles
Fogs as DRLs for Halogen-equipped Vehicles
Fog Lights active with High Beams active
Cornering Lights via Front Fog Lights

Other Settings
DRL Inactive when Turn Signal Active
Emergency Brake Flashing via Brake Lights/Turn Signals Active
All Lights Shut Off When Turning Off Vehicle

Brake and Electronic Assist Programs Settings

Electronic Assist Programs Settings
XDS and Brake Assist Settings
Hill Hold Control (HHC) Settings
Dynamic Steering Recommendation (DSR) Settings
Driver Steering Recommendation (DSR) Settings (different from Dynamic Steering Recommendation)
Torque Steer Compensation (TSC)
Disable Electronic Stability Program (ESP)

TPMS and Others
Disable Hill Hold Control (HHC)
Enable/Disable Indirect Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
Disable Direct Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Other (Maintenance, Miscellaneous and etc.)

Maintenance Settings
LED Tail-lights Coding & Error Clearing
Adjusting Bi-Xenons Headlights Range/Level
DSG Reset and Calibration
Time to Service Interval Change
Mileage to Service Interval Change

Miscellaneous Settings

Staging/Gauge Sweep
Changing Instrument to Rest of World (RoW)
Seat-Belt Chime and Light Disabled
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