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Bluetooth Module Styrofoam to Plastic/Metal Bracket Installation

Required Parts
These are the parts required for this DIY:
3CO-919-935-A = metal bracket (1 required)
1KO-971-813-C-9B9 = plastic cover (1 required)

These are required to mount the module to the metal bracket:
N-909-446-03 = bolt (3 required)
N-100-173-04 = nut (3 required)

These are required to mount the metal bracket to the floor:
N-908-170-03 = screw (2 required)
N-909-460-01 = plastic clip (2 required)

Thank you Brendan from Bramgate VW for the parts!

Ugly-ass Styrofoam. Ghetto!

Take that sucka off the floor.

Take the module out of the Styrofoam.

Unhook the cable from the module and attach the module to the metal bracket using the nuts and screws. I install the nuts and screws backwards since that way, it would sit on the floor better. I don't think this will make a difference later on.

See these holes on the floor?

Take these plastic suckas

and insert them into the hole.

Take the screw and screw it into the side.

Put the cover over the bracket. It should hook on from the bottom so it doesn't jiggle around.

Caution: Disconnecting the bluetooth module will give you fault codes in 19: CAN Gateway.
Just clear it the fault codes using VCDS and all is good!
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