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WARNING: I will not be held liable if anything occurs when attempting to change anything in the VCDS software. These instructions are created to the best of my knowledge and are as accurate as I can make them. Please be careful before you save your settings and always run Auto-Scan before any changes are attempted.
WARNING: Please follow your state's, province's and/or country's regulations on DRLs. I do not condone disabling DRLs if the law states you must have them at all times on your vehicle.

Load up VCDS, click on the Select button under Select Control Module

Click on the 09-Cent. Elect. button

Click on the Coding - 07 button

Click on the Long Code Helper button

Go to Byte 15 and check Bit 7 - Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) Adaptation active (MFA+)

You can now turn on/off your DRLs on the fly with the menu in the MFA. It should be under Lights/Vision sub-menu. Checkmarked means your DRLs are active; unmarked means your DRLs are inactive.
Please note, you cannot change this while the car is moving - please do not attempt to turn on/off DRLs while operating a moving vehicle.
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