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I've been arguing with VW Canada (dealer & head office) for over 2 months now about this stupid alarm beep on the Golf MkVI. Apparently only Canada & the US get this stupid and annoying (and noise bye-law breaking in the middle of the night - my neighbour is complaining and if I'm charged under the noise bye-law I WILL sue VW Canada) beep from the horn when the alarm is activated. It seems in North America VW likes to cater to their blind customers who can't see the lights flash to confirm the alarm is armed.

Anyway, what really annoys me is they claim it can't be disabled and it's not a programmable feature. This is wrong on so many levels:

1) Obviously it can be disabled, the same cars from the same factory sold anywhere else in the world other than North America don't have this stupid horn beep on alarm activation.

2) If VAG-Com can disable it then obviously it's a programmable feature, and to claim VW's own diagnostic tools can't disable it is, to put it mildly, an obvious lie.

3) I did what the dealer and VW Canada should have done and looked it up myself, on VW's own erWin Online system, which lists step by step instructions on how to disable the "acoustic feedback when locking/unlocking" feature. This is direct from erWin Onlline:

Adapting acoustic feedback when locking/unlocking
– Connect vehicle diagnostic tester.
– Select “Guided fault finding” mode in vehicle diagnostic tester.
– Use “GoTo” button, select “Functions/component” then menu options in succession:
* Body
* Electrical system
* 01 - On Board Diagnostic capable systems
* Onboard supply control unit
* Functions
* Adapting acoustic feedback when locking
* Adapting acoustic feedback when unlocking
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