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2012 gti stereo build

i picked up a new 2012 cw 4dr gti in june. i thought i'd be able to tolerate the factory system in a new car, i can't.

- keep the spare and as much of the trunk as possible
- reuse what i can, and go active. i've had horns+mids passive w/ a 4ch amp since like 1998. it's time for something different with a bit more power. i thought about going w/ mids and tweets but horns just kept beckoning
- use socket machine screws where possible so this meant t-nuts, hurricane nuts, and the like
- also wanted to try my hand at tech flex. all stuff i've never done before
- keep main fuses accessible
- finish before fall semester

also, i'm on afternoons this summer so i'm up until 4-5am every day. i tried to do as much as i could in the basement after work.

- factory RCD310
- audison bit ten
- soundstream ref2.640
- soundstream ref4.760
- selenium d2500 8ohm in ID mini horns under the dash
- idq62 midbasses in the doors
- arc audio black 10" d4
- knu 1/0ga and 4ga wire, 12ga speaker, signal wires
- about a roll of old school raamaudio
- a box of ss damplifier b-stock

i borrowed the trunk layout from here. i tried to get two 10" back there but ran out of room for other stuff.

prep stuff:
- modify screw-on horn driver adapters w/ 3-screw for 2-screw mounts
- stuff the horn bodies w/ reticulated foam
- connectors on stuff to make it easier to manage
- mounting rings

lined up nicely

try some foam inserts, patrick bateman style. is across town from me so i picked up some 1-1/2" thick reticulated foam

deans connectors, haven't used these since r/c cars when i was 13. midbasses are wired too but i'll upload pictures later.

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