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SRE Clutch - Sachs OEM+ Clutch Review - The real alternative for tunned GTIs!

So I am updating this first post with technical information right from Sachs. I wrote to them regarding the torque holding capacity of this clutch and this is their kind response:

I´ve read something about "1.5 times rating" - in order to scotch any rumours:
There´s always a security buffer for any Performance clutch provided by ZF Sachs Race Engineering, that´s why there´s
a "plus" behind the torque-data on our distributor-website. In that special case, there´s not much anymore - the eye of
the needle is the torsion damping. So before somebody expect to get a clutch which is good for 530Nm plus 50% "buffer"
=> 780Nm, this has to be corrected.

In any way, it´s interesting to see the comparisons to other manufacturers. ZF Sachs is an official technical partner of
Volkswagen resp. Volkswagen Racing. They´re supplying all Paris-Dakar Touareg, VW Scirocco Cup, all DTM cars etc.
Also joint partners of BMW Motorsport, Porsche Motorsport and also supplying the Formula 1, Formula 3 and so on.
... say no more.

Have a great day and

Kind Regards from Hamburg/Germany,
Quiet chatter clip

Decelerating noises
2nd gear

3rd gear

Where do I start???
How about I tell you that I am currently tipping this on an iPhone while I am being driven back home from a Thanks Giving trip, son please be patient with the pace of my review, as I am a very slow at typing.

I have put roughly 2000 kms since the clutch was installed, so I feel I have a better grasp on my initial impressions.

While everyone was talking about about uprated clutches, I did a lot of listening. The popular choices seem to be Southbend, Clutchmasters and some people have Bully Clutches.

Then, in one post, someone that I consider mostly a thread disturber, made a revelation that proved essential to my decision. Crew219, thank you for this, and even though I do not agree with some of your semantics, I respect you for this.

The painted style pressure plate most manufacturers use is not necessarily confidence inspiring, and may members seem to have gone through some horrible experiences with clutch jobs, so much so that many are deterred from chipping their cars because of these happenings.

I then directed my attention to Sachs the Oem manufacturer of our "weak" clutches, and discovered their SRE division. Others have pointed to them before, but none that I know of were looking to bite and be the first to have it on their car.
So I started looking on European forums, an many agreed that the SRE clutches were the standard for performance tunned vehicles from VAG.

So, I bit the bullet and I ordered the SRE clutch straight from Germany.

I knew it would be expensive, but I wanted something done right the first time.

I went for the SRE kit with the organic disk and the single mass steel flywheel

Photos of the stock clutch as well as the uprated one will follow. The springs on the stock disk when compared to the ones on the SRE disk are laughable.

A new TOB was also installed since my 2 piece plastic one was squealing like a train, very disheartening on a 40thousand dollar car( Canada Eh!).

The work was done at Independent Tuning after fellow local members recommendations.

Right after the install, I immediately noticed the increased pressure needed for pressing the clutch in. It felt purposeful, and added a new dimension to the driving dynamics of the vehicle.

The first 1000 kms I drove like a granny, and gradually brought the vehicle to my standard of driving. This was done during a week's span , in preparation for a track day at Mosport (look it up, fun track east of Toronto, used to be a F1 track some time ago)

The car is Unitronic Stage 2 with Apr IC, Carbonio intake, whiteline sways 24mm an walk, Porsche nsbbk and 255 PSS tires in the front(reverse stagger :P)

Back to the clutch, the midrange difference in power is noticeable in all the gears. I have a pretty fast stage 2 dynoed at 268hp and 297 torque at the wheels this summer.

I have also added a Turbo blanket and DEI Titanium wrap to the first 20 inches of the downpipe(more on that later)

Will look at being dynoed either later this year or early next year for more empirical data.

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