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OP: lot of wannabe racecar drivers on here who have delusions of being pro drivers or something but in reality the stock brakes are fine. they aren't as good as bmw brakes but theyre fine. you could upgrade and they'd be better, but they are fin for normal driving which, lets be honest, is most of what you probably do.

pretty much everything that exists related to this car is blown out of proportion on this forum. read this forum for a while and you will notice 10 key points:

1. the brakes are horrible.

2. stage 1 and beyond will make your engine explode and the dealer will gang rape you for it

3. the GTI is 'slow' unless it has k04.

4. the stock OEM clutch is made of swiss cheese and they ALL slip and fail at 10k miles

5. your water pump, HPFP and intake manifold are one key turn away from failure

6. driving a manual in traffic is a hardship equivalent to what the slaves who built the pyramids endured and is to be avoided at all costs. 'DSG FTW BRO LULZ'

7. its normal to want to trade your perfectly nice, practically new car that would last 150k+ miles in after 2 years for an electric car or hybrid and this will save you money

8. 90% of people in America cannot write, speak or use grammar

9. putting an intake on your GTI will make it break the sound barrier and without one, your engine will suffocate and die of asthma

10. people on this forum have a total boner for Fords and KIAs.

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