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Originally Posted by AdamSe7en View Post
I checked it again and it is all gone. There wasn't any on the bottom when it was there either, just the top and it was less that a mm so maybe that's where the seal is. Next time I wash it I just won't use as much water on the back, I kind of used a lot this time to make sure there weren't any leaks.
It might have actually been trapped between the bottom of the housing and the body and only looked like it was in the lens.

Originally Posted by Aries Pope View Post
I broke one of the strings that pull up the hatch cover when you open the back. Can I just go to the dealer and get one of these, or is it like you have to buy a small French fry to use the restroom a McDonald's? I can't wait 5000 more miles for my service, it's driving me nuts to put groceries in there without it.
You're buying a whole new cover.
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