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Originally Posted by Aries Pope View Post
I put my new wheels on myself having only changed spares on other cars before either. I was stupid when I started, but learned a lot. Your question was on alignment (already answered), but let me also answer some of the other stupid questions I had when I first did this:

0) No TPMS connections on 2012, right? It's rotational inertia sensor, so just press the TPMS reset button in the glovebox once they're at proper PSI so the computer knows what they "look like".

1) Do you have wheel locks? I did, and this was the first car that did. Then I noticed there's a socket key in the hatch to crack the locks.

2) The wrench that comes with the car works, but it's short so low torque for sticky bolts. I picked up a Gorilla extensible wrench:

with my wheels which made things buttery. You'll need the right size socket too. I forget the size -- that's another stupid question to be asked.

3) I'm lazy and don't like holding the wheel on the hub while I thread the first bolt, so I got a wheel hanger guide:

Yeah, it's a bolt with the head cut off for $15 + S/H, but it makes things much easier and I for one think it's worth it. (See lazy above).

4) Gently tighten the wheel on to start. Then use a torque wrench and torque them down properly in a star pattern to the proper torque specs. (Double check the torque specs for your wheels). After driving 50-100 miles, re-torque them in case they loosened up any.
Thanks for the reply! Torque specs for wheels would be listed in packaging or online I take it? Will be ordering from tirerack. Is that gorilla wrench a torque wrench? I know what a torque wrench is but am relatively ignorant as to which I need for wheels.

Good to know I won't need alignment. I will after I drop it down in the spring though!

BTW I lied about my ONE stupid question apparently. #canofworms

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