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Originally Posted by ralphykid67 View Post
Is that gorilla wrench a torque wrench? I know what a torque wrench is but am relatively ignorant as to which I need for wheels.
BTW I lied about my ONE stupid question apparently. #canofworms
Better to be prepared.

No, Gorilla is essentially a replacement for the stock wrench in the hatch if you feel like it. I prefer the extra leverage it provides for cracking a bolt rather than hammering on the short wrench when the car's lifted to crack a tough bolt. And if you're on the side of the road lifted on the widow maker, you don't wanna be hammering on a short wrench, so having this in the hatch is wise. Honestly, that's all I used it for in extended mode is cracking the bolts initially, then shorten it down. After that you should be able to hand loosen bolts with the socket. Same with putting them on, hand tighten lets you feel if the threads are having trouble so you don't strip anything. More leverage in that case is a bad thing. The extra leverage is really only for the initial crack.

But that said, yes, you'll need a separate torque wrench to keep in the garage for dialing various things into spec, including wheel bolts. I got one from Tire Rack with my wheels too and it works fine:

Actually, if you're bored you can find articles on putting on lugnuts on Tire Rack too. Tons of good stuff there.

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