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i was looking for this thread when i posted my headlight switch thread but couldnt find it, rhought maybe it had been on vortex and i lost i'll ask here instead, since they are definitely stupid questions that i couldnt find answers for on search.

i picked up a euro switch cheap from a friend, it has drl, auto, parking light and on. i just want to be able to run my fogs with teh headlights turned off.

1. its my understanding that the switch + this wire will allow that, i've seen a few write ups. ive also seen this wire in write ups for euro r/etc tails with rear fogs. is it the same wire to the same place that serves this function for both? on ecs its listed as the wire for rear fogs but its listed in a write up for front as well so i'm assuming the same wire to the same two pins serves the same function for front and rear fogs with a euro switch?

2. what exactly is "coming home" and "leaving home"? it was somewhat explained to me but the person wasn't totally sure. i was also told by the seller that the switch he sold me had functions for that but he had a mk5, which leads to my next question:

3. i was informed that at least for the six you must have xenons in order to run coming/leaving home, is this true or no? i've heard mixed answers.

4. i know that i will have to have it recoded for coming/leaving home, i don't think i need to in order to have headlights off/fogs on correct? but i eventually want r tails with rear fogs, can anyone point me in the direction of any threads with the coding info?
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