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State of the Board/Moderation Update

All -

We (the moderators) have been discussing the current tone of the forum and do not like what we have seen.

Many threads are being derailed by totally non-relevant conversation, personal attacks are growing, technical discussions are getting pulled off course, and things seem to be generally "off course."

As a result we (the moderators) will be more strictly enforcing already established rules. This won't mean much to most of you, but it may mean some moved threads/posts and deleted posts. Additionally we ask you ALL to keep more "on-topic" so we don't have to delete multiple posts in a thread.

To some of you, this may mean potential bans. As of this moment, you are all in good graces (unless you have previously been warned). That said, warnings and temp bans will come quickly for the foreseeable future. Please take any warning seriously, we don't want to ban anyone.

I know this comes off as a bit harsh, that is not the intent. Really, the intent is to get us back to where we should be, have been, and can be again. For a long time this was, by far, the most friendly AND the most technically savvy board. I think we still are, but we want to re-solidify that position.


- The Mods.
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