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Also, Please note the following:

1) You're entitled to your opinion. If you disagree, that is ok. Please keep it civil and do not let your anger carry the conversation south. As mentioned by danielj, trolling or rude posts will warrant an insta-ban.

2) Please Refrain from posting in sale threads with your comments about better pricing elsewhere, or condition of product, etc. etc. Per forum rules, you will be given a warning and a temporary ban for following offenses.

3) Plac is gone. I think its only out of respect for him and others to let it go. If he wants to come back...he is more than welcome to.

4) Please remember that there is a "Report Post" function that we highly utilize as moderators. Please use it to report spam, trolling, etc. etc. Posts and threads will be reviewed and action will be taken if we see fit.

5) Please help direct new members to sources for previous threads of repetative topics.

Thank you all. And keep providing the discussions and technical insight that this forum has grown to love so very deeply.
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