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Originally Posted by svickstc View Post
Oh i know, but 90% of people will probably blow you off and still try to potentially "take advantage" of another forum member...

Like i said before 6 in one hand 1/2 dozen in the other...the forum member buying should do due deligence as well, but not everyone knows all the various sources of parts and discounts...(isnt that why some join our community to network this sources)

Basically talking myself in a circle here and starting to see the valditly of the rule more now...

For instance somone who picked up a part during a sale and got a good deal but yet is marking it up closer to regular price when sale is over and someone calling him out on it...not really the OP's problem for catching something on sale, right?

So by having this rule it covers everything under the umbrella soo...respect
Agreed. And I understand 100% where you're coming from. In this case, report the post for "price gouging" and we can take care of it. I've been around long enough to see some deals happen where the user couldve easily bought the same product at a GB rate a few threads away, you know?

Normally, telling a user about their high price will warrant ill feelings in the thread. The OP will get mad and either change the price or derail his own thread OR spark a debate with the user making the initial claim. At THAT point, we can take action.
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