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Originally Posted by MKVInce View Post
I find this forum is pretty lenient with FS threads. Not saying it's bad nor good. Just stating my observations. In many other forums, it is strictly regulated. Examples: you must have a certain amount of posts to post a FS thread, you must have pictures of the actual product, you must take pics of the actual product with the username and date in the pix, can't bump in less than 48 hours, etc.
This forum as a whole is pretty "lenient" but i honestly wouldnt call it that myself as I get a different vibe from the forum as they just want things to run open and not be forum NAZI's with people in a position of internet POWA to control things how they see fit, which I really like about GolfMK6, but there comes a point and its nice to see that the MOD's have identified this...

^^^to the above, sub-sections in classifieds would just be too much
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