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Problem with Stage II is the change of the DP. In states like California where you get your cars smogged all the time its an instant fail. So you have to take it off then back on, on, off, on off, its a PITA.

Dollar vs Dollar the Stage I tune is the best bang for the buck. Sure a Stage II will or should "beat" a stage I car in theory but that isn't always the case is it?

On track, SCCA Solo II I was running a 360whp Evo 9 MR and would get spanked by stock Miata's so much of it comes to drivers skill vs Power alone. So many variables here. A guy running Stage I with good tires and a good suspension set up may beat a stage II car with AS tires and a stock suspension set up. I have seen it all at the track haha.

Just my thoughts...

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