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Originally Posted by Red2011GTI View Post
The computer controled top speed is 130 mph.
So VW says. It's actually less than that.

Originally Posted by C4L View Post
They are NOT governed at 121mph in the US...

It is widely published that the governor for the 2.0T cars is 129mph...
It seems that most of GTIs fall between 122-125 mph.

Originally Posted by DaveSTR View Post
Come drive mine on the Autobahn and see for yourself. I did this for an entire weekend up and back to Wolfsburg. Sorry to disappoint. Like it matters anyway. If you tune it the governor is off anyway.

Post the data to support your claim. I have looked tonight online and its not readily available. I found the Euro data quite easily. My car is exactly as zakmak posted. I had my foot to the floor 195/197kmph. Not 1mph/km more would it do lol!

I've done several top speed tests on the Autobahn using two GPS devices, before and after the APR tune. When the car was stock, top speed was 125 mph/201 kmh (121 mph/195 kmh @ speedometer -yes, my GTI reads lower than its actual speed-).
After APR Stage-1, I achieved 162 mph/260 kmh going downhill (real speed). Top speed on a perfectly flat road is 155 mph/250 kmh.
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