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Originally Posted by GunKata View Post
any field? business? pretty much anything?? this should be pretty.. obvious, Z.
This is more conditional than anything else. Outsourcing, Cost improvements (Value Added Projects), Continuing quality advancement...etc. can all impact these depending on what the company views as "Quality"

I DO agree that high priced items does not always equal quality. But I KNOW that quality does come with a price tag.

I mean, damn, I work in Quality for a economy level car company. Obviously, its not about price.....but many many other things that have been mentioned here.

Perceived Value
"Bang for the Buck"
Customer Service
etc. etc. etc.

I agree with C4L that there is a level of grey area and subjectivity to it.....but doing what I do, I can easily look at construction changes and know how well their process and end consumer representation will be due to it.

Why does Mercedes have SO many damn problems? Having worked for them I can name about 100 reasons why and none of it has to deal with the actual materials they use. Well, maybe 1 or two.

Strangely are not considered a QUALITY company unless oyu have a ISO-9001 certification and have been audited. I'm lead auditor trained and have my certification so I kind of feel I know what I'm looking for in a quality company.
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