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I voted price bc that should be the majority vote on there. No one goes into a mod without looking at the price. If you want to buy an IC, and the cost is 1k, you'll reconsider that. You want to solidify your subframe, and bam, $200 for collars & bolts...

Everything has a value to it. That being said, Even though I voted for price, that doesn't mean I have chosen the cheapest parts at all on my car. I would rather invest in used parts if possible. If something is expensive, and I can justify the cost given the value of it (to me), then I'll save...

You own a Higher Trim Level Volkswagen, does that matter?
To me, yes. I want to use as as close to or better than OEM quality.

Do you like sticking with just one company?
No. VW doesn't either. If you subtract price from the equation, I would have no problem buying everything through APR. You add in the premium for that name, and I will value shop for what I think gets me the best bang for the buck (given a certain quality).

Do you look for data?
When available and when I can understand it, yes. I work for a data company. I am b4lls deep in data everyday, all day. I prefer it.

Do you care about other member reviews?
Absolutely. I think most people on here do. Everyone wants to make an informed decision or feel like they are. The problem is that most reviews are subjective (this is where data comes in handy).
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