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USP Motorsports

Originally Posted by sterkrazzy View Post
Idk if maybe a month ago the website didn't say anything, but if it's something you needed right away, and it said ships when available, why wouldn't you call them and get a better answer before you placed the order? You can't really blame them for that.

I'll go away now, lol

I sure can lol

"Ships when available" is vague - typically this isn't a month or more. If they have wait times of more than a month, don't you think that out of COURTESY they should perhaps mention it to you - I don't think that you as someone giving them money should be responsible for getting them to disclose expected shopping dates. I don't need it immediately - obviously in the real world we wait consistently for things from suppliers for 1-2 weeks, however, I think that more than a month should be at least communicated to the customer. If there is an expected delay we get notified - I think that in a customer service driven business with the amount of choices that are available to us I'd imagine that keeping the customer happy/informed is paramount. And again like I said - I don't fault them for the delay, I do however fault them for the lack of communicating a delay to me until I had to reach out to them to ask what the problem is.

Edit: I do take some of the fault of this situation in the affect that I did not make a phone call prior to purchasing for accurate shipping times, however, in my mind 1-2 weeks was acceptable as that is what is normally expected if it's not in stock, if it's longer than that I should at the very least just get a heads-up email about it.
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