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Originally Posted by edwardnese View Post
Thanks for that link, i am only suspecting PVC failure because i have a slow oil leak that happened recently about the size of 2 quarters that drips only after i have driven the car. Read online that a bad pcv can cause pressure buildup which would then blow our the rear main seal, but i havent gotten any CELs or fault codes.

I had a failed PCV last year that also took out the rear main! The only symptom was oil dripping from the join between the transmission and engine which started as a few drips but quickly got much worse, I had no CELís or fault codes, the PCV rarely logs any faults (directly) if at all, I also had to change the clutch as oil had got onto it as I left it a bit too long! I also changed the flywheel as it had to come off to do the seal so it wasnít a cheap repair for me, if it is your rear main be sure to use the latest revision and fit it correctly (not like the old revision) or it will leak again straight away!

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