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Car will not go into gear

Hi guys, I own a 2013 GTI. I bought it with 27,000 miles and now have 41,600 miles (roughly). The car has a Neuspeed Power Module and intake, stock shifter. So, I was coming to a stop sign today and put it into neutral, I then proceeded to put the car into gear and noticed it would not go into any gear and would lock me out at the entrance. So, sitting in my neighborhood I decided to turn off car and it went into gear fine. So, I pushed in the clutch and drove home in second gear. The clutch grabs fine, no weird sounds, still light as usual. The car will go into gear when it is OFF, but will not when the car is on. Does anyone have any idea what it could be? I saw some people on the forum say the clutch is bad, pressure plate, slave cylinder etc. Thanks.

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