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Originally Posted by EJBGTIVI View Post
Now back to TV talk. Anyone ever use AT&T U-verse for their internet or TV ???
I have for both....for a while too

I like it and it does what we need it to. Uverse has limits on recording so many TV shows though (at the same time).
Our internet isn't crazy fast like some of you guys want/have, and I don't care, but it works.

They keep pushing the price up on it though, and pushing us towards DirecTV instead.

It used to be like $100/month, now we're up to $130 (goes up yearly), and this year they want to jack it up to $150/month....although we're not adding or changing a damn thing.
(Uverse 300, HD channels, One DVR, One wireless receiver, & the internet)

But they're advertising $105/month & a $50 reward card, with 2 year price lock, for new customers for the same exact setup. WTF?

So I have a feeling we're going back to AT&T for cell service, will cancel the Uverse, and then resign up to get the better pricing.


TLDR: It works & I like it
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