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Originally Posted by Dhruv View Post
So, I got a brand-new stock turbo installed - paid $4100
Anyway, when I was driving back home I started noticing whining sound when turbo was spooling. I took the car back to the workshop and the mechanic said thatís normal.

I carried on with it... I clocked around 500kms after installation and then I started noticing a clicking like sound and car started smoking white smoke at start-ups!!!!
I am 100% sure the turbo is fucked AGAIN!!!
Before installing the turbo, the technician checked everything to make sure no metal is floating around in oil or air intake.
The car is booked in for a check-up tomorrow, hopefully its covered under warranty........
I was told if the turbo fails due to boosting it wonít be covered under warranty, tbh I havenít floored or went up 20+ psi after I got new turbo I was taking it easy for 1st 1000kms. I have no clue what the hell is going on.
Fuck my life

bruh you paid $4100 to have a stock turbo installed?
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