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Yes that’s "KIWI" dollars

So, I took the car at the mechanic today and showed him the oil smoke which comes out when the can is on an angle (on a hilly slope).
He told me if the turbo oil seals are gone AGAIN it won’t be covered in warranty as it has APR tune on it.
He reckons that if that’s the case, the main cause is the tune as the new turbo should have been on the stock tune for its break in.
Funny they didn't tell me all the break in shit last time I went to pick up the car.
They are going to remove the downpipe to see if the turbo is culprit (he found it weird how it smoked only when the car is on angel.
I love my Golf very much but my pocket hates it. It has created a fear in me about EURO/modified cars now.
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