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Originally Posted by thez99 View Post
Funny, I see all this comparing of DG and neuspeed springs, but I see nothing of SPM's springs..First off their price kicks ass, they have built in bumpstops (perhaps negatable) and they look to drop front and rear an equal 1" which would be perfect to close the gap but def not cause rubbing on the fender or inside. Also, anybody know what the spring rates are on the SPM springs versus stock?
First, bump stops are not "built in". They come with their own (just 2?)
and this is what DG also come with. Bump stops sit on dampers, not on
the springs.

Spring rates, Google is your friend, mate:

They claim an increase of 42 % and this is why I say they are NOT a proper
match with stock dampers.

Originally Posted by thez99 View Post
Also, Ive seen on here some bashing of the FSD's and also some bashing of the bilstein sport's "harshness", can anyone elaborate a bit more on how severe either of these situations are?
FSDs are fine with stock springs, at least on a Golf. They are NOT intended
to be run with lowering springs (which are almost always stiffer).

Mk.VI Bilsteins aren't harsh anyway. Some find the Mk.V Bilstein to be little
stiff - I don't.

I dont track my car, but Ive been driving more than long enough to know what Im doing and I love to drive spiritedly and be able to feel the car and have it work well for me. Driving is not only just getting to work and back but also a hobby for me so.. Doing so I've been looking at the bilstien sports with the spm springs, looks like a great mate up, perfect height, set struts and dampers to much improve performance but not kill the ride. Was considering the FSD's but I had used them previously with my mk5 I had before, and honestly I didnt notice much of a performance improvement, Only drove em for about 4k miles before I sold the car though. That and also the fsd's are about $120 more than then Bil sports which honestly I feel are already better track tested and review better as Ive seen. Kinda just up in the air about what to do.
SPM with Mk.V Bilstein B8/Sport or DGs with Mk.VI Bilsteins for you.

Also, about replacing the strut mounts/bearing/bolts front and rear for an aftermarket changeup, is this def necessary?
Ive read plenty about it being more of a "put your mind to ease" mod when replacing shocks/springs, rather than a necessity but figured id ask. Ive seen the kits that replace the bushings, bearings, bolt, spindle bolts, nuts, etc. for the front and rear together at around $150 which isnt bad, but if not necessary than who knows
Hard to say. I'd get at least new strut bearings, preferably SKF ones.

P.S. Forgot to ask if anyone has any dealings with the koni str.t struts/shocks? I mean you cant beat the price for sure, but are they really going to improve much in performance, etc. or are they pretty much just equal stock shock replacers?
I've never driven them, but you'll certainly find 1st hand experience on the forum.

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