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Originally Posted by GreyGti1990 View Post
Kind of hard to believe that a stage 2 gti beat a newer 5.0 mustang. I'm guessing it was a dig race and the 5.0 just sat there and spun tire cause that 5.0 from a roll would probably put a bus length on ya without much of a hiccup

It was a very low roll, he didn't spin either but from a dig I've beat them too. They'll take off on me and then once I hook I reel them in and pass them up. I'm guessing it's just the drivers that ive came across don't drive too well. I took off on the mustang Gen before the latest one on the freeway as well it was a hertz 5.0 but obviously in the higher top end they reel you in, he passed me up and pulled by a couple of cars not bus lengths tho. These little golfs will surprise you.

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