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So I've had 4 injectors fail on me in about a 2 month period.

The first three that died (two different occurrences) were possibly due to a faulty fuel pump control module (under the rear seat). However I just had #3 fail again and am very nervous as to what could be causing this. I know I have carbon build up on the intake valves and am getting a couple of misfires here and there (according to mode$06 diagnostic, 0-3 average misfires per 10 trips), not getting any CEL codes yet.

car is 09 2.0 TSI with about 95k miles. the spark plugs were replaced at about 45k, not sure if the coils were ever done, if that matters. PCV/TB/HPFP/LPFP/MAF/Intake Mani were all replaced relatively recently as well. Replaced the pre-cat o2 sensor recently as well.
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