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Originally Posted by edgary View Post
I suppose that answers your question (emphasis mine)
Originally Posted by Arin@APR View Post
It would probably be better to run the 95 ron file.

Basically, if your pulling timing because the fuel is not up to snuff, the ECU will pull a little more than it needs to pull, just to be safe. It may actually pull enough to make your timing advance less than what you would see on the 95 ron file. You can grab a vag-com, log, and test it our yourself to see.
That's a good point, i have been reading about this topic before and the car should run better on the appropriate map.

Another question..!

Is it OK to switch to stock mode with the APR 3" DP installed? will i get a check engine light for the dp?
Is it BAD to have the stage2 software with the stock DP?

I am asking this because i will be receiving the DP and chipped ECU from APR in like a week and half or so, i will install the ECU on my own at home and then drive my car to a good shop that will install the DP, should i switch to stock mode first?

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