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Originally Posted by Hilfloskind View Post
I really believe after experiencing this process myself that, without being scientific about it, going from stock to coils and back gives you an appreciation for the fine tuning that goes into this car's suspension engineering. I just don't think anyone less than a perfectionist with solid understanding of mechanics would be able to maintain or extract true performance gains from a lowered setup on these cars. At minimum, having corner balancing done seems like a requirement for anyone looking for more than to "get rid of that gap".
I've always been of the mindset that the vehicles engineers worked their buts off in designing and tuning the suspensions on this and other performance cars.

I find it comical to read posts where people insist on getting rid of wheel gap, or cry "lower it" to everyone.
It borders on obsessive.

Those German engineers know what they are doing, and I'm sure they try countless variations to come up with the - yes compromise - they choose.
Yet some "tool" with a couple of dollars to spend thinks he can do better in his driveway.

I love this thread, I thank you - and will now go back to learning.
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