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Originally Posted by Bender View Post
What springs are you thinking of running with the FSDs?
I'm got the Neuspeed Sports. I'll probably just stick with those. It it all gets too annoying, I'll just slap the stockers back on.

Originally Posted by ElectricEye View Post
Thanks for your response grambles423 - I'm truly a laymen, and will readilly admit it.
That's why it's so great to hear from someone who obviously knows what he is talking about.
Yes, I've always imagined suspension engineers cringing at what some people do to their hard work.
I don't golf, but I find it similar to someone going out and buying an expensive set of clubs, taking them home and filing down the heads.
Then saying "Bro' looks great!"
Great? You just ruined them!
I appreciate it. I try to stay confidential, but diving into specifics of what OEMs do really make me wanna break that confidentiality and tell all secrets. If ever anyone...ANYONE offers you all a position in the automotive field (More so with an OEM) take it. My love for cars took me down a road early in my life, and I NEVER thought I would be so deep in the company today.

Its hard though, owning a vehicle your company doesnt make. Its not really shunned, but more so people ask, why the hell didnt you buy a *****??? Because, my love for the GTI started back when I drove a MK2 GTI when I was only 11-12, then was exemplified when I drove my buddy's MKV a few years back. I'm know as the "traitor" lol but I destroy almost every car in the parking lot with just a stage 1.
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