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Originally Posted by Jeffs2013GTI View Post
Thanks for your replies everyone much appreciated. I'm no rich guy quite the opposite, divorced, kids fixed income but cars have always been something that has helped me feel better. I used to do allot of SCCA Solo II events in my past Evos is why I considered the RS. It is very similar in performance and not having to give up the hatchback. The Subaru STI can be had for about $5k cheaper than an RS though.

I have thought about doing things to the GTI but getting a FWD car to lay power down on a track is not easy. Will take allot of trial and error with tires, suspension and for that power I would need to swap Turbos and all kinds of stuff. It still would be cheaper than buying a new car but guys how well is this car going to hold up with these mods? I mean there are people running Stage 2 tunes with stock head studs for goodness sakes. Add a k04 and a tune? Head studs and such will be a necessity. Amongst other things.

I just don't know how reliable a modded TSI would be compared to something turn key like an STI or an RS?

I really like the GTI I'm not mocking it just not sure if I want to put big money into a FWD platform is all.

Money wise I could swing the payments but and I say but it would be nice to save money. Cars and modding cars is a sickness. Keeping my GTI stock has not been easy but after seeing so many failures of VW parts over the years I didn't have the confidence to mod this car as I did in past cars. Does that make sense?

I don't want to sound like a douchebag or anything I am just trying for once in my life make a good decision with a car. I don't want to be impulsive and have buyer's remorse either. Been there done that.

Reaching out to the forums has always helped me and I do appreciate your opinions and advise.


Yeah modding my cars and cars in general make me feel good too. More power more happy lol.

With K04 you don't need no head work or engine work. I put 60,000 on my last mk5 gti with K04. Rock solid except a rad fan and leaking rad. Nothing related to K04. If you do some suspension work, good tires, and k04 you'll be happy. Not saying to race people from a dead stop but you will have some good highway runs and a shit ton of passing power.

Your car has low mileage so take advantage and do it now if possible. Also if you're worried about reliability just do timing chain tensioner if you have the old one. But you still have low milage so don't worry too much. Water pump are the only things to worry about after that. But no big deal, just usually a small leak and most have extended warranty.

Lol at you talking about ford reliability. [emoji23]

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