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Originally Posted by whitewolf33 View Post
how much faster are you looking to go? if you can easily afford it then its a tough decision but if youre enjoying no monthly car payment, why not try stage 2 or k04 in the GTI? you might be pleasantly suprised
Its the old car Proverb "IF speed equals money how fast can you afford to go" that is very true. Its not about the "speed" actually. Its more about capability for me.

I never bought the GTI with plans on modding it or tracking it, honestly I dont care much for FWD track cars, only exemption may be an ACURA Itegrea Type R of yesteryear or the new Type R Civic.

On my past builds all my "tracked" cars were AWD. Mainly Evo's. I have owned and tracked an Evo 8, 2 Evo 9's and a X. All these Evo's were turn key track cars. I did absolutely nothing to 2 of these cars and spanked people at the track first week I bought the car haha. After I modded them? Well you better have some serious drivers skill or something $100k plus to keep up. But that was the past....this is now.

The GTI is a great car, is why I bought one, but I got into some legal trouble through Divorce, then in a rage went driving home one day in my Evo 9 and some idiot almost ran me off the road so I said to myself OH ITS ON, So I went after him to get the plates. Well, after dude that cut me off ran a few stop signs and such, which I did not, a Sheriff Lit me up, said I was doing 130+ in a 55 zone and I thought I was done for. Sheriff said he saw what happened and told me that he could take me to jail and impound my car. He cut me a break and told me he red flagged my car to all local law enforcement and if I was caught doing 56 in a 55......I got the idea, I was a marked man. After the divorce and losing my shorts, I wanted a new start. I was at my friends shop in San Diego and a Marine came in and asked if I would sell my Evo to him. Cash money he paid me what I paid for the car new. This particular Evo was 5 yrs old and had about 60k miles on it and it had decent mods, and was tracked. I took the offer and never looked bacck. That was in 2012.

The reason why I am telling you all this, is to tell you I am a car guy, I get it, trust me its a sickness and once the bug bites it bites hard. I am older now, been through allot of financial hardships and just dont want to make financial mistakes again, or at least limit them. Buying something turn key is good, and fixing up something is good, but you need a good solid platform to build on. I look at the VW engine bay and see so much plastic and so much that needs to be changed out. The question is, would it be worth it?

No one can answer this question for me, I realize this, I am not dumping this onto you guys and gals, just wanted some support and ideas to get my gears moving so to speak. the GTI community is pretty solid, and reminds me very much of the Evo communities. Very cool people here, and the cars are very cool....This is why the decision is very difficult.

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