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Originally Posted by Vermilion View Post
The fit and finish were very nice and surprised me with its 200hp motor. Paddles were pretty fun as well. They only had one so didn't get to try a DSG and manual side by side. Though after driving the DSG I do think it will be what I get. I liked all the little gizmo's and features throughout the car. This one was a base model with DSG so its as far away as I could get from what I'd like to have (Autobahn package). Hope to try to start haggling on a 2011 Candy White 4 door DSG with Autobahn package very soon. Besides the 300hp and AWD, the GTI puts my STi to shame from every other angle.
I went from a 2008 STI to a 2010 GTI and don't miss the STI a bit. The interior was falling apart, it rattled everywhere, the seat had no support, the steering wheel was taken off of a bus, and it drank gas as if it were free.

2010 GTI DBM, DSG, Sunroof, RNS-510, STG 1 APR I plead the 5th.
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