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Originally Posted by falconeight View Post
I went from a 2008 STI to a 2010 GTI and don't miss the STI a bit. The interior was falling apart, it rattled everywhere, the seat had no support, the steering wheel was taken off of a bus, and it drank gas as if it were free.
Interesting, im an ex evo 9 owner and when i return from my business trip my 2011 GTI with DSG is waiting to be collected one of the major reasons I went for the GTI was its overall fit and finish, my evo was great fun but it used to rattle a bit and the interior was better than the STI's but still not up there with the GTI, although I do miss the power of the Evo, it was modded to 380BHP, I think with a little modding on the GTI stage 1 and then later on stage 2, I can have 90% of the fun I had in the evo when wanting to go fast but have a much better day to day experience in the GTI.
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