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Originally Posted by MLue1 View Post
Thanks to help the cause I've added a Pic of the supported ECUs.

Personally I don't think any MK6s are on your list.

iE. My MK6 was an early MK6 build (AJ) November 2009 but is not represented.

FYI: Most if not all Members don't know how to determine which ECU they have, some instructions would be helpful.
Not all ECU part numbers are listed as there are many for each platform and it would be difficult to list every part number and software level version.
Most generic OBD2 scanners can pull a ECU part number.
If you have access to VCDS, that can also pull the ECU part number or you can visit one of our local GIAC authorized dealers which would be able to acquire that part number as well from your vehicle.
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