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Originally Posted by zef View Post

If that was a stock evo or a just a tuned evo I would definitely believe that, but with full bolt ons and cams he would be easily close to 400. He should've walked away from you in his sleep, even with a ko4. If he told you he has bolt ons and cams and only making 305whp then he is straight up lying to you lol. Talking from personal experience here.
lol He's a really good friend of mine and i know the car since it's local. Also has no reason to lie since he buys/sells cars and owns a 700whp wrx.

It has exhaust, intake, misc cams, fuel possibly and a tune for 93 from Street tuned motorsports. 305whp/305wtq is just about what my old Evo X MR made on their dyno with full bolt ons. His Evo 8 MR will make 400whp on a dynojet all day long.

Anyway I'll get a video next time if i can (no go pro). Both cars are pretty much even but after taking out my spare/tools/rear mats i walk away slowly. Also my tune is only on the third iteration so there's a bit left to squeeze out on 93 - You should bring your bolt on evo out here to run this k04
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