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Originally Posted by joeyfrost View Post
Today I added a Porsche GT2 to the list. He kept messing with me for a while. We got up to the first light and complemented each other‘s cars and he said “let’s go on three!” but my girl hates when I mess around in the car so I replied, “no it’s alright its alright” he still launched hard anyway and I did a light pull to not look like a grandpa. (I told myself if we’re next to each other on the second light I’m gonna let them have it, FULLSEND. we got up to each other again and he asked me, “are you nervous?” Me: “-_- I said no let’s let’s try again.” I messed around with my RPM setting as it was very low and I forgot to readjust it earlier. I had launch set set around 4200rpm. First vid is him messin with me second vid is the next launch.. he wasnt happy.

2nd pull, he looks like he got pissed with the guys behind for honking.. and more like just kept pace to not let the black SUV stay behind him...

Whats your 0-100, standstill..
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