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It's on topic but off-forum: my buddy and I went to buy this used S40 from Autobarn around Chicago (sorry I can't remember which Autobarn off the top of my head - it wasn't the cool one that deals APR tunes) and they added this "Myst" charge of nearly $900 on top of the online list price of the car. Salesmen (R32 owner so not a bad guy) said it was an air conditioning cleaning regimen they do to all their used cars. Wtf??

So we talked for a while, having come to a stalemate on the price of the car. Eventually the salesman gives and says it's a tactic they have to employ to get their online list prices down close to the dealer across the street that's doing a similarly cut-throat, dishonest practice. But unlike the other dealer, Autobarn actually has something to show for it. I said it's like a furniture manufacturer charging for assembly of their chair and not including the charge in their list price. Ridiculous.

Anyways, the sun went down before the dealer gave in and took Myst off the transaction. No way he was going to pay for F'king Myst.

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