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Since most intakes have fairly minimal gains, I decided to make my own intake rather than forking out in the upwards of $200+ for a name brand intake. I was hoping to get ride of the 0-5mph putter/hesitation and add a richer and fuller tone to the car. Overall, I can't see much harm coming from the mod but gain small gains.

I purchased a 45 aluminum elbow, 3" coupler with clamps, a K&N cone air filter and a K&N case breather filter for the secondary hose to not set off CET. The install is fairly simple and straight forward. To fasten the K&N case breather filter to the secondary hose, I found an adapter kit from PepBoys for Vacuum sensors. The adapter is a tad bigger than the inner diameter opening in the filter so I used a 5/8" drill to shave off a bit for a easier fit. Pop! Viola.


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