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I finally got around to installing fog lights on the Golf past weekend but haven't had a chance to update any photos yet.

The install was a fairly straight forward process and didn't require much to complete the project. A few screws here, a few trim pieces there and it was done.

I followed some really helpful guides that got me through the process quickly and effortlessly — I highly recommend you give them a read.


How to Remove Grille Pieces
How To Install Fog Lights (DIY)
ECS Tuning MKV Jetta OEM Fog Installation Instructions
Euroswitch to Disable DRL (Optional)

  • Fog Lights
  • Bulbs (9006)
  • Pair of Grille Pieces
  • Screws
  • Quick Tab Mount Inserts
  • Wiring Harness
  • Trigger Wire
  • Relay
  • Fuse Relay
  • Chrome Euroswitch
After the install was complete, I made sure to protect the wiring harness by incasing the wiring harness and wires in protective wiring wrapping. It purchased it from Harbor Freight for $10 and had plenty of wrapping left over for additional use.

I really think it's important to wrap it the wires to prevent them from melting, drying out or potentially becoming caught on something. Save yourself the headache and spend an additional 10 minutes doing some simple preventative maintenance. I think the end result came out to be nice and clean.



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