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Originally Posted by mattdibart View Post
On the C2 website it says you can get a 91 Oct file but it only shows one dyno graph and Im guessing that is with 93 Oct.

I am not sure if anyone knows but I am assuming that in the states you guys have actual 93 Oct. Here in Ontario we have 94, would there be an issues that may come about down the road running 94 oct on a 93 file? I would assume its perfectly fine but I am not very knowledgable in the octane world.
94 on a 93 tune would be fine. it's a higher octane.

Originally Posted by IAmLexLuther View Post
Hello all.... Any thoughts on a Magna flow cat back exhaust? I'm working on a budget so Thought it might satisfy me..... until you posted that ultimate racing exhaust video..... holy ish.
performance gains are all similar, so go by your liking of sound




techtonics also makes exhausts, but they use either borla of magnaflow bufflers, so sound changes depending on which one you get

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