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Originally Posted by azer View Post
How does removing a gti's noise pipe and fitting in a tiguan's noise pipe help reduce potential turbo boost leaks? I thought you were supposed to just remove it and plug it up? If you put in a different noise pipe, then wouldn't it just do the same thing? Sorry a bit new to this
Look at the pictures again in the first're deleting the "noisemaker"/muffler that sits under the wiper cowl which creates the noise.

The "Tiguan" pipe is the better/OEM solution. On the Passat/Tiguan, they didn't have noisepipes/noisemakers....they just came standard with the ("Tiguan") pipe that I added to my car.

So you delete that pipe on your GTI....get better throttle response, get rid of the "Sea Doo sound", you get to hear the turbo/engine more instead, & you clean up the engine bay....ALL with an OEM look

If you want to keep it simple/clean/OEM & not have issues with the Tiguan pipe. It's a true bolt on mod.

A plug will work, but isn't the best idea (it can blow out...happened on a friend's MKV just over the weekend actually, and can leak too)
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