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K04 Installed - Wooing sound over 2k RPM?

Hey guys,
Just had my K04 installed 3 days ago and since then, immediately as I drove it out the shop the car had this newly wooing sound over 2k rpmish but goes away when off the accelerator. Is that normal with a K04? Specifically I'm on Integrated Engineering, using APR K04 file. Believe it is 3.1.

Now, if the sound is normal, that's fine, but I want to make sure I'm not leaking pressure/air out of anywhere. I can't believe it's the intake either but it is possible. I'm just not familiar with this sound so much and I'm pretty used to the intake before. I can't imagine it got louder or that this is even it...

Anyone else know what I'm talking about when immediately driving off in K04?
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