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1.25 means the engine is adding 25% more fuel than the map is requesting, my initial guess would be post maf pre turbo leak. .90 means it's pulling back on fueling by 10%, initial guess would be post turbo leak, or if you have meth then you're spraying enough to offset some of the fuel needed, but that's not the case for most people. Ideally though you'd want to be at 1 for both short and long.

When he says they are added, say that your long term fuel trim LTFT is 1.06 and your short term fuel trim STFT is .94. Effectively they are +6 and -6 so when you add the you would get 1 and everything would be ok. The STFT updates really fast though so it would be harder to tell what they are adding to without logs. Hopefully this all makes sense

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