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Originally Posted by bwillet View Post
So I bit the bullet today and offered an 8" Android head unit. Looks pretty nice, hopefully it does what I want. I want Waze in my dash, which this will definitely do. I will set up a tasker profile so my hotspot turns on as soon as the Bluetooth connects, so I will always have data available. Beyond that, the stock head unit pisses me off when listening to audiobooks. It has a "gentle fade" when listening over Bluetooth, presumably to avoid loud jolts as you go from total quiet to sound. That works fine for music, as there isn't typically a long enough quiet pause to trigger that fade in. But with audiobooks, it is always clipping off the first word or two of sentences after a slight pause. Gets really damn annoying. Doesn't do it through the aux in, but I don't want to plug in my phone all the time, and that defeats the whole Bluetooth calling thing. So if I get waze and happy audiobook time, Brad happy.

Torque Pro and Google play music in the dash is a bonus.

Got the Joying JY-VQ122, direct from the manufacturer for a little less than 400.

I will post pics when it comes...
Ok, so far, this thing is pretty bad ass! It's basically an Android tablet in the dash that plugs into the car's existing wiring. Very fast and responsive, screen is pretty nice. 1024x600 resolution. It actually includes Torque and a few other apps already.

This is just a quick off-the-cuff list of pros and cons, I'm sure there are more of both....

- Fast
- Sounds good
- Super easy installation
- Waze, audiobooks, etc. all work great
- Lots of hacking support on xda-developers (rooted the thing in about 5 seconds). Soon I will make a bunch of tweaks like hiding the title bar, adding swipe controls, etc.
- Home screens are very customizable even without hacking. Whatever apps you load you can decide whether to put them on the home screen or not. It's basically just like radio presets.
- Default apps are easily changeable. I was able to easily select Waze as my default navigation app, but I also have CoPilot installed for no-data backup. I'm going to load Here maps as well, but haven't played with that yet.
- Two microSD card slots, both accessible through Android.
- The DVR functionality (dash cam, just add $20 usb camera) can write to the GPS card, normal SD card, or USB flash drive.
- The only "Engrish" I have found on the unit itself is buried down in the factory settings menus, that you have to type the double-secret password to get into. Otherwise it is a nice and polished unit, looks very good and not too cheap.
- Not that I plan on it, but it's just a matter of clicking a checkbox to bypass the whole "can't play video while driving" thing and stuff like that.

- Boot time is a little slow. Not as slow as the Eonon I had before, and not that much longer than the stock head unit, but noticeable. Haven't timed it, but maybe 20-30 seconds. Just long enough to be annoying. If you are the type that starts the car then immediately starts to drive, it would be annoying. if you start the car and let the oil start circulating, put on sunglasses, buckle up, etc., it's fine.
- When playing music through bluetooth, controls work fine, but you don't have any artist info, etc on the screen. Normally that would bother me, but since I'm going to be using Google Play Music, audiobooks, and music from SD on the head unit itself, and not through bluetooth, it is really a moot point.
- I would rather have volume knobs than buttons, but I usually use my steering wheel controls anyway, so I guess that's fine.
- Bluetooth has not automatically connected 1 time out of the last 10 or so. Just had to click the button to connect, but no idea if that will be an issue or not.
- I am going to have to do the slightest bit of sanding around the edges of my trim bezel, as the head unit is probably half a micron too big. I can force the bezel on there, and it will kind of stay, but you can tell (if you are looking for it) that it is stressed. We are literally talking 2 or 3 swipes around the inside of the bezel with fine sandpaper. Won't affect the fit of the stock unit at all either, so not too big of a deal, just annoying.
- The built in mic SUCKS. Definitely have to use the external mic, no question. I will hook that dude up when my cameras arrive hopefully next week.

I'm too impatient for pictures right now. Got other stuff to do. Pictures and more info later, after I've had more time to play with it.

So far, overall, I'm loving it. I did NOT have the same feelings after a few days with the Eonon unit I had last year...
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