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!Need help trouble shooting my clutch!

Hello all,
I need some help trouble shooting my clutch.

Current specs
KMD tuning stage 3 clutch same as this one
Plus steel braided clutch line.

Around 6k miles on the new clutch.

A couple weeks ago it became hard to get it in gear while driving.
and now I can get it in gear at a stop at all.

I initially thought the bleeder was roached so I replaced it with an ECS bleeder block bled ( with the motive) everything and still the same problem. Peddle still feels spongy and has since we swapped the clutch last spring.

The clutch engages but way to low for me to get it in gear.
Just did a run rev matching and that seems fine,clutch itself seems to grab well just won't let me shift since the peddle is doing next to nothing from a a disengagement perspective.

System is holding pressure as far as I can tell.
I don't see or feel any fluid leaking slave or the master?
I'm kind of stumped at this point?

Any pointers on what to trouble shoot next?
or any good shops around Dallas?

We've just moved down here and I don't have any connections like I did back home.

thanks in advance for any help.

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