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Originally Posted by voidopolis View Post
I'm in Ohio and I ran 16" steelies with Blizzaks and my 2010 GTI was pretty good in the snow. I also ran Michelin AS/3's on Detroits and they were definitely not as well behaved... The AS3s were much better in dry than the blizzaks. but in snow the blizzaks were great. On my M3 I ran the Continental DWSs and they were pretty good overall, but I switched the blizzaks as the M3 needed snow tires being a rear wheel drive monster...

It sounds to me like you could get away with a good all season tire (possibly a dedicated winter). Something that is going to handle some snowy conditions and cold weather, but still needs to deal with the other days when there isn't 12 inches falling.

I like Tirerack's testing typically... and Tirerack likes Continental DWS's in their tests (they have rated them high for all season tires for quite a few years now).

Thanks for the advice, trying to get away with the all seasons has definitely crossed my mind, multiple times, but if I try to do that (and it works) I have no real incentive to get a new set of summer wheels in the spring Having the extra safety would probably feel a little more comfortable too, especially since the tires aren't exactly brand new either.

decisions must be made, and soon. The snow is creeping down the mountains
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